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Meet the Team
We think like operators (because we are)
We are a team of operators, founders, and turnaround specialists who have spent years building, running, and selling businesses. We know from experience that success is won with smart decision-making and that begins with accurate, actionable financial intelligence.

So, while most accountants are tracking your lunch receipts, we’re tracking your most profitable products, how much cash runway you have, and your real cost to acquire customers.
We know what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to be doing so you don’t have to think about it.
Our unflinchingly can-do commitment
If something can be better, we think it should be and that’s the spirit that drives everything from our products to our process. If it’s complicated, we’ll make it simple. And if we don’t have the answer, we’ll figure it out. 

Hustle is how things get done in a small business and good communication is how they get done right.
We think ahead so you don’t have to (you’ve got enough on your mind)
We’re easy to get ahold of (and nice to talk to)
listen first
We begin with our ears open and our mouth shut (nobody likes a know-it-all)
Meet the team
Chase Spenst


Chase’s background is a story best told over bourbon, sitting in a vinyl booth somewhere dark and loud. It includes everything from $100m company turnarounds, private ski resorts in Hokkaido, secret bars in Shanghai, and biker gangs in Tucson. He sees businesses as machines and is obsessed with understanding how each one works and how to make it better. Ask him about excel models for fantasy sports, trail running, and what pop culture criminal enterprise he’d want to own.

John Weiderman

Accounting Manager

John has over 15 years of accounting experience in a wide variety of industries and roles because he can’t stand not knowing how something works. He loves a challenge, you will never hear that your books are too messy to clean up or that your business is too complicated, and the words “I’ll figure it out” will probably be in his epitaph someday. Ask him about Kentucky sports, bourbon, and passive real estate income.

Taylor Perez

HR and Operations

Taylor spent a nearly decade in corporate HR and operations before bringing her toolkit to our island of misfit toys. Our clients benefit from her obsession with process and organization as she builds thoughtful systems using the latest tools and technology. If you love checklists and SOPs, you’re speaking her love language. Ask her about the wonder that is a library card, travel, Cuban food, and DMAIC models.

Miguel Angel López Malpica


Miguel brings a disciplined and curious approach to understanding and organizing client’s books. His attention to detail is only matched by his interest in learning. Don’t let his quiet demeanor and youth fool you, he’s as sharp as they come. And he comes complete with an Accounting degree and a Masters in Tax. Ask him about soccer, cars, and the last good movie he saw.

Serina Griffin

Financial Analyst & Tax Specialist

Serina brings her 15 years of financial experience with Xerox, Pepsi, Nike, and Deloitte to our mighty little team. As an IRS Enrolled Agent she handles tax strategy and filings for our clients. With her calm and cool presence, she carves through the stress and anxiety of tax matters leaving a trail of confidence and relief in her wake. Ask her about her plans after tax season, traveling, and volunteering.

Dedicated experts on demand
Equipping you with the answers you need when you need them is not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. That’s why we use technology to supercharge our people, not replace them. 

You get a direct line to an experienced team of bookkeepers, analysts, and strategists who are integrated in your business and invested in your success.
Count us in for spitballing, problem solving, idea bouncing, scenario testing, question answering, and just general breeze shooting.     
There is no one I would rather have in my corner as a new business owner looking towards the future.
We’ve been doing this for awhile and there are a few questions we get asked a lot. True to our proactive approach, we went ahead and answered a few of the most common ones here. 

On the off-chance that those aren’t your questions, hit that red button button and let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.
Let's do this
Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul?

I mean, can you really like the spinoff of something more than the original??

Yes. Yes you can.

Why are accountants so vilified in pop culture?

I know, right!?? They’re always such party-poopers or at best anti-heroes (looking at you Ozark). But not us. If anyone is looking for a show about cool accountants we’ve got a script you should read…

Are your services affected by mercury retrograde?

Don’t worry, we’re charging our crystals, setting good intentions, and backing up all our systems and data.

Are we living in a simulation?

I don’t know but thinking about spending our life building models inside of a model scrambles my brain a little bit. Like, my brain just started flashing #DIV/0 when I tried to think about it (zing! Come for the existential questions but stay for the excel humor!).